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Event, Product launches

Events, product launches

Events are time sensitive and are expensive to participate or host. Event messaging is more likely to work when it is sent by individuals to their own social network. They increase the likelihood of registration and attending exponentially.

When employees share a marketing campaign or post about new logo, it humanizes the brand and is likely to get more attention than if it’s done from brand channels.

Lead management

Lead generation, promotions

People are skeptical about messages from official brand channels and are more receptive to content from personal networks.

Content from a personal connection is more trustworthy and is more likely to be clicked, shared, and ultimately converted into a lead.

Infact 67% of teams that use social selling hit quota compared to 49% that don’t. (Aberdeen Research)

Job Posting

Job postings, attracting new hires

Give your potential new hires a sneak peak of your company culture by sharing pictures that can be amplified by people within the company.

Also instead of posting for the new position on 10 job boards, you can let your employees promote it on their social channels.

Your employee network can help you find out a new hire much faster than those job boards.

Employee advocacy resources

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