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Events, product launches

Get the support of your employees to create the buzz so that you can attract more customers and partners before the start of a big event.

Amplify your product launch campaigns instantly.

Event, Product launches
Lead management

Lead generation, promotions

Are you planning a major campaign for the holiday season?

There is nothing better than having your employees join you in the campaign so that you can create a real buzz when the promotion kicks-off.

Do this and see your leads and revenue increase exponentially.

Job postings, attracting new hires

Give your potential new hires a sneak peak of your company culture by sharing pictures that can be amplified by people within the company.

Also instead of posting for the new position on a job board, you can let your employees promote it on their social channels.

Your employee network can help you find out a new hire much faster than those job boards.

Job Posting

Employee advocacy resources

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