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Here’s how Contentivo works

Admins create company related promotions

Admin(s) create a promotion hub and then create posts that employees can share. This post could be a link to the company blogpost, tweet, facebook post, podcast or video that has been created recently. Pictures & videos relevant to employees and their friends will perform the best.

Employees promote these posts

Employees connect their personal social accounts on facebook and twitter. Then they go to the promotion hub and promote the posts created by admins (via 1-click process) & get virtual points. Every time they do this, content gets shared to their social profiles, increasing the reach of the post.

Track everything on the scorecard

The scorecard helps admins and employees keep track of various metrics related to activities in the platform such as personal social networks that employees have linked, total social reach, number of posts that they have shared, total number of point earned till date etc.


Advertising on FB and twitter can be expensive. Really expensive (but I guess you know that). In addition to that, most of your social updates are seen by only a tiny fraction of your audience (fans). And never seen again.

Your company has people who would like to see you succeed – your own employees. All of them have their own network of friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. But employees don’t share company related content because they are either afraid of social media policies in the company or don’t have time to create the content.

What if you could get your employees to share approved content with all their friends and followers on social media? This message could be related to company news, recruiting event, or a new launch. There are hundreds of ways in which you could leverage the massive social reach of your employees.

With contentivo, you can ensure that employees in your company share content that you want them to share and also get virtual points for doing that.

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New to employee advocacy? Find out why it’s the future of social media marketing.


Promote smarter

Every day, more and more companies are getting cozy with Contentivo and making their social media promotion effort go farther. New user on-boarding takes minutes (thanks to the product tours within the software) and you can start your promotions from Day 1.

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Social media promotion takes a lot of effort, but it becomes easier and quicker if the message is shared by people who support you. Don’t leave social media promotion to chance. Get started with Contentivo for free!



Per Month
  • Any no. of employees
  • any no. of admins
  • 1000 promotions



Per Month
  • Any no. of employees
  • Any no. of admins
  • 5000 promotions


Does contentivo require any software or downloads?

Nope! Contentivo works in your web browser without the use of plugins, downloads, or software. Contentivo is designed to work in Firefox and Chrome. And of course it’s fully mobile browser friendly and responsive on all devices.

What happens when I start a free trial?

You get full access for 30 days and if (and only if) you love it after 30 days, we ask for your card details and charge your card based on the plan you wish be on. Since you started the free trial, you are the designated admin of your company. You can create promotion hubs and start adding employees for each hub.

What are promotion hubs?

Promotion hub contains various promotion posts that admins have created. You can create promotion hubs for various locations (for ex: if you are having an event in US and want US based employees to create a buzz before and during the event), or create promotion hubs by functions (for ex: if you want HR folks to share job descriptions for open positions) or by content types (for ex: you might want a specific set of people in your company to share your blogposts, another set of employees to share your fb posts/tweets etc)

How many promotion hubs/posts I can create?

There are no restrictions on number of promotion hubs or posts that can be created by the admin. But the number of promotions that can be done are restricted based on the plan you have chosen. For ex: If you are on the $49 plan that lets you promote upto 1000 posts then you can have 200 employees promoting 5 posts each per month or 10 employees promoting 100 posts per month (whatever you wish).

What can I promote? Where can it be promoted?

You can promote any type of content. Could be a holiday promotion poster for your customers, or a link to the new video that you team created or may be an important tweet from your VP. Really, it’s upto you to decide. These promotions are shared by employees on FB or twitter. But you get the best results when you try to promote content that is relevant to “friends” of your employees.

What is difference between admins and non-admins?

Admins are called as Creators and Non-admins as Amplifiers. Admins/Creators can create & promote posts, add new members. This access is provided to social media managers & others who have the responsibility of creating content. Non-admins/Amplifiers can only promote posts. They don’t have access to create posts. Generally employees are given this access.

Can I change my plan? What if my employees promote more than allocated?

We will bill you based on the most cost-effective plan.If the number of promotions exceed the allocated number, you will be charged on a pro-rated basis.

How do i get started with employee advocacy program?

On-boarding creators(admins) and amplifiers(employees) is super easy with contentivo. Just add other content creators such as social media admins etc. and provide them with admin access. Add all other employees in your company and ask them to promote content created by admins. That’s it.

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